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3/29/20243 min read

Today marks not just the beginning of a new communication channel but the continuation of a journey we've embarked on together—a journey toward enlightenment, empowerment, and community building.

elcome to the inaugural post on our Newsletter, brought to you by the Haitian American Student Corporation (HASC). As a pillar of hope and progress, HASC is dedicated to empowering Haitian students through education, cultural identity, and civic engagement. Today marks not just the beginning of a new communication channel but the continuation of a journey we've embarked on together—a journey toward enlightenment, empowerment, and community building.

Our mission is profound yet simple: to unlock the doors of opportunity for Haitian youth through scholarships, mentorship, and cultural initiatives. We believe in the transformative power of education as a catalyst for personal development, community resilience, and the advancement of Haiti.

In this blog, we aim to share not only the milestones and achievements that fill us with pride but also the real stories of the students we support. These narratives of determination, progress, and hope are what truly define our work and mission. As we navigate the successes and challenges of our endeavors, we'll offer insights into the vibrant life of our organization, the impactful projects we're undertaking, and the complex tapestry of Haiti's current affairs that inform and shape our actions. Expect to delve deep into the heart of HASC

From celebrating recent accomplishments to spotlighting ongoing initiatives, and discussing the socio-political landscape of Haiti, we're opening up a window to our world. Your support, engagement, and belief in our cause are what drive us forward.

So, welcome—let's embark on this journey together, writing a new chapter of empowerment, unity, and change, one blog post at a time.


This initiative is particularly timely, aligning with the Biden administration's policies aimed at providing legal pathways for Haitians to reside in the U.S., ensuring they have the support needed to thrive in their new environment. Boston has emerged as a pivotal hub for these immigrant routes, serving as a beacon of hope and opportunity for HASC to help.

In response to these developments, and recognizing the challenges faced by Haitian immigrants in adapting to a new culture and language, HASC has proudly launched two English as a Second Language (ESL) courses, ESL 1 and ESL 2. These courses, thoughtfully developed by HASC, aim to bridge language barriers and foster smoother integration into American society.

Central to this effort is Mackenson Masse, the author of "Pale Now" and the passionate instructor leading our courses. His expertise and personal insight add immense value to our program, making the learning experience both authentic and impactful.

Currently in its pilot phase, we eagerly anticipate making these courses widely available in May, offering a solid foundation in English that opens up new possibilities for Haitian immigrants in Boston and beyond.

Consistent with this educational initiative, HASC undergirds it with two professional and two more educational resource centers. These comprehensive and holistic approaches make sure that our students develop from their tutors not only the linguistic tools required to be successful in their new home but also professional and personal tools and knowledge required to survive and thrive in their new home.

Bridging Cultures: The Immigration Project

During Giving Tuesday 2023, we embarked on a heartfelt initiative aimed at strengthening healthcare support for mothers in Haiti.

Recognizing the critical need for accessible maternal care, HASC proudly partnered with Bertin Medical Health Care to fund a new maternity ward in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. This endeavor not only marks a significant milestone in our journey to enhance healthcare infrastructure but also stands as a testament to the power of collective goodwill.

Through this project, countless mothers and newborns will receive the care and support they deserve, marking a new beginning for many families in the community.

Maternity Project: A Beacon of Hope in Port-au-Prince