Haiti's Journey: Connecting the Past with the Present

Discover the resilience and strength of Haitian people in our Editor's letter. We delve into their journey towards a brighter future. This comprehensive and empathetic account will bridge the gap between the past and present

by Saskia Joseph

3/30/20243 min read

The Legacy of Change

The end of François "Papa Doc" Duvalier's regime marked the beginning of a new chapter in Haiti's history, a period rich with pivotal moments that have indelibly shaped the fabric of our nation. This era, characterized by a passionate desire for change, saw the rise of figures like Leslie Manigat and the establishment of the country's first National Council of Government, laying the groundwork for a future anchored in democracy and freedom. Yet, it is in the resilience and enduring spirit of our people that we find the true legacy of this time. My grandfather, Williams Régala, stood as a testament to this resilience, contributing significantly to our nation's journey towards liberation and self-determination. His story, and the stories of many others who fought for change, remind us of the strength and perseverance that define us as a people.

A Transitional Time

The era of the transitional government remains a testament to Haiti's undying commitment to democracy. It was a time marked significantly by my grandfather, Williams Régala’s, profound influence. An army Colonel , the previous head of secret service, as well as previous minister of defense. His dedication to Haiti’s democratic path during this period of transition was not just political but deeply personal. Through his eyes, I saw the complexities and the challenges of steering a nation towards democracy. His legacy, imbued with a steadfast commitment to progress and justice, serves as a guiding light in our continued quest for a democratic Haiti. This personal connection to Haiti’s history enriches our collective understanding of the sacrifices made for democracy. This time period thus also reminds the community of the presence of an unsupported yet deployable Haitian army.

Turbulent Times to Moïse’s Assassination

Decades of turbulence followed, culminating in the tragic assassination of President Jovenel Moïse. This period, fraught with challenges, tested our resilience as a nation. The assassination not only plunged Haiti into mourning but also underscored the urgent need for stability and unity. It highlighted the necessity for a new council of government in 2024, one that could shepherd the country through these uncertain times. This dark chapter in our history deeply affected us all, a generationally unprecedented level of turmoil serving as a stark reminder of the hurdles we face in our pursuit of peace and governance.

Understanding Our Past

Grasping the historical contexts that have shaped Haiti is crucial for engaging with and contributing to our nation's ongoing story. Our past, filled with struggles for freedom, democracy, and stability, offers invaluable lessons for our immediate future. It is in reflecting on these moments — from the end of dictatorships to the pursuit of democratic governance, and through the trials of turbulence and tragedy — that we gain insight into our identity and resilience as a people. Understanding our past empowers us to forge a path towards a brighter, more inclusive future, where the hopes and dreams of all Haitians can be realized.

From Yesterday to Today

Our journey has been marked by significant events that have both tested and demonstrated our national unity, from political upheavals to societal movements calling for justice and reform. Despite the obstacles, strides have been made toward rebuilding our institutions and fostering a sense of hope among our people. This section of our narrative captures the essence of our relentless pursuit of progress and the unwavering hope that defines us.

Our Commitment to You

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Reflecting on our roots

Feb 7, 1986

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